Mon 18 Jun 2018 16:10 - 16:40 at Columbus Ballroom A - Programming Methodology

In this position paper, we describe our vision of the future of machine-based programming through a categorical examination of three pillars of research. Those pillars are: \emph{(i)} intention, \emph{(ii)} invention, and \emph{(iii)} adaptation. Intention emphasizes advancements in the human-to-computer and computer-to-machine-learning interfaces. Invention emphasizes the creation or refinement of algorithms or core hardware and software building blocks through machine learning (ML). Adaptation emphasizes advances in the use of ML-based constructs to autonomously evolve software.

Mon 18 Jun

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16:10 - 16:40
Programming MethodologyMAPL at Columbus Ballroom A
The Three Pillars of Machine Programming
Justin Gottschlich Intel Labs, Armando Solar-Lezama MIT CSAIL, Nesime Tatbul Intel Labs and MIT, Michael Carbin MIT, Martin C. Rinard Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Regina Barzilay MIT, Saman Amarasinghe MIT, Joshua B. Tenenbaum MIT, Tim Mattson Intel, USA